Prokleen Fabric Care

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Fabric Conditioner

ProKleen Fabric Conditioner: Unparalleled Softness, Irresistible Freshness Introducing ProKleen Fabric Conditioner, where luxurious softness meets invigorating fragrance. Specially formulated to elevate your laundry experience, our advanced conditioner leaves fabrics feeling irresistibly soft, reducing wrinkles and static cling. Embrace a symphony of freshness as ProKleen's long-lasting scent revitalizes your clothes, making every wear a sensory delight. Indulge your senses and pamper your fabrics with ProKleen Fabric Conditioner – the perfect finishing touch to your laundry routine. Experience the magic of softness and fragrance in every embrace.

Prokleen Fiber Kleen

390.001000 ML
Prokleen Chem Introducing Fiber Kleen Introducing Prokleen Chem Lunch Fiber Kleen, the ultimate solution for keeping your fabrics clean, fresh, and vibrant. Our advanced formula is specially designed to penetrate deep into fibers, lifting dirt, stains, and odors, leaving your fabrics looking and smelling like new.

ProKleen Kleen Washing Powder

380.001 kg
Introducing ProKleen Powder Detergent: Powerfully Clean, Delicately Formulated Welcome to the realm of ProKleen, where cleaning meets excellence. Our ProKleen Powder Detergent is a testament to our commitment to delivering superior cleaning performance while maintaining a gentle touch on your fabrics. Immerse yourself in the details of a detergent designed to elevate your laundry experience.